There are several Payment Modes on Bdsmers, but, some of them for now can only be used in specific Sections.

The current payment modes are:
1. Paypal
2. Emoney App
3. Activity Points

Paypal: For now Paypal is the main system for Payments and you must have a Paypal Account to use it. If you already have a Paypal Account, go to Your Account Settings, and under "PayPal Email," enter YOUR address. By entering the Payal Email when you want to make a purchase inside Bdsmers the system will detect Your Paypal Account and you can pay quickly and easily.

Emoney App: Emoney is a Virtual Wallet, an Account where you can deposit Funds or make other transactions..
Funds can be added via Paypal with an "Account to Account" transfer, by doing so they will be transferred directly from Your Paypal Account to Your Emoney Virtual Wallet on Bdsmers and you can spend them on the Site. Emoney also allows you to allow you to Convert Points to Money and Vice versa, so if the Payment System you want to use is not supported you just need to do the Conversion from Activity Points to Real Money or Vice versa, by doing so you will be able to pay in each Section of the Site independently.

Activity Points: Where provided, there is the option to pay with accumulated Activity Points, in fact, where provided an Additional Payment Option will appear.
For example if you want to purchase a Membership Plan the system will offer you to choose if you want to pay with Paypal or Activity Points if sufficient, at the moment the operation does not support clearing, either pay with Payapl or with Points.

1. Please note that you must be Logged in to Bdsmers in order to make the Funds Transfer.
2. Bdsmers currently does not collect commission fees for these payment transactions, any fees may be charged by your Bank for the Transfer or by Paypal, this depends on Your relationship with Them.
3. Before making a Payment, please read the Payment Policy carefully.
4. Please also note that Bdsmers is the property of Basamas Srls, so on Paypal or Bank Statement it will appear Basamas Srls and not Bdsmers.

For any additional information or if a problem happens, don't worry, just Create a Request in the Support Section.

  • 22 June, 2022
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