The information to follow is for all those who had an active Account or were Paying Users in the Previous Version of Bdsmers.
As you well know the OVH fire has put us in an extremely difficult condition, after over a year of shutdown and with also the loss of the Systems Engineer for Covid with consequent loss of all data, reopening seems Impossible. The only solution has been to propose a totallyemnte New Version of Bdsmers, and by virtue of this for previous Users we have provided some measures..

If you had an active subscription please Enter Your Request in the Support Section (Previous Version category of Bdsmers) and possibly attach:

  • The transaction code
  • The amount of the paid subscription
  • If you remember the start and expiration date
  • The username and email address you were using
  • Any useful information

These to follow were the Account Types that existed in the previous Version:

1. Free Users with Free Accounts in the New Version will be placed in Community Free, also Free and with no fixed costs but with many more features than before. No obligation to pay and ability to communicate freely.

2. Free Same as before, they were Users who had committed some irregularities but here everything is reset to zero. Also because many of the irregularities of then are allowed here and they too will be placed in Community Free.

3. Premium The Premium Users were paying with subscription, all those we manage to recover will be able to ask for the equivalent of their remaining subscription in various ways, read below..

4. Vip Card Users who had purchased the Vip Card were one-time payers, because after purchasing the Card they would no longer have to pay anything and use the site for free for life. We will do our best to meet these Users by having the utmost regard, but the Vip Card no longer exists here, and also the site is totally different. The Vip Club Account exists here, but it has a totally different purpose than before, in fact it is reserved for Famous People in the Sector, and it is Totally Free.

Methods of Credit Recovery
1. Accreditation at Points of Activity

To receive credit, open Your Support Request in the Previous Version Category of Bdsmers, ascertained what you are entitled to we will credit you the equivalent in Activity Points.

The amount that will be credited to you in Activity Points as also specified above, you can use it on the Site in several ways and they are:
Subscribing to Membership Plans
To give gifts to other Members
To Send eGifts, Stickers and More.. 
For Advertisements and Sponsorships

The amount that will be credited to you in Activity Points can be used as it is or at need you can Convert Points to Money, you can do the procedure independently after receiving the credit in Points from the Emoney App.

With the ability to Convert Points to Money and vice versa "you can use Your Credit in any Section of the New Version of Bdsmers."

Unfortunately, we are sorry for what happened, but these are extraordinary events, so, we hope that you can understand the situation, since all the problems that happened were not our fault.


  • 2 May, 2022
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